Uka is an sperm cell eating alien that causes to make Larvaes. In Uka the alien virus, Uka Met ReFresh so she got her ass. in Cameo appearance of Grand theft auto: San adreas, She eats all the sperm cells from the Male Reproductive system causes impregant. in MLP:FIM, The ponies feared because she's nude and then Marshmallow freaked out but she's still naked.


Those tentacles are actulally wierd.

the tentacles can shut tight and fill the Alien Amionic Fulid Which it contains mephplorisis to kill male earth people and turn into an Alien. That Vaniga Causes IS stretchy. Uka's can attatch to the male earth people's pennis to suck thier sperm cells to prevent the earth people to escape. That uthera is stretchy. She can suck thier urine and causes to the Earth people's Bladder to get a wireway alien infection which is called ametrosis. Uka can eat Male Earth peoples and Earth bird's Eggs. That Wierd looking nipples Can Spray Amionic fluid. as she continues to digesting,

  • Uka and her Gentials.
  • Inside Uka's Womb. You can see those Larvaes communicating each other.

The Male Earth People Will Cause to get rid of his Yolk sac 

Causing an Embryo to turn intio an wireway alien.

Name: Uka
Gender Female
Age 57
Born  9/28/1995
First Appearance Uka the Alien virus
First video game appearance Epic ReFresh DX: pokemon Advanced Crossover(JP)
First movie appearance

Epic ReFresh DX:

Windows XP Has threatend by Alien Computer virus (JP/FL) (2014)

Species Amtheru