Family Boomboxae
Food Ominvore
Tribe Boomboxini
Location Flipside/Flopside and Lineworld
Class Mammal
Scientific name Boomboxerus

Boomboxerboxer is Related to Primates and Radio Creatures. It shoots out rays from its head boombox and can injure Mario. It also makes a strange face when it attacks.


Its head is shaped like a boombox, for which it is named, and it is able to emit loud sound waves which hurt MarioLuigiBowser or Princess Peach if touched. The males can Emit Loud sound waves. But The females can Emit Big Loud sound waves. Boomboxers have Yellow skin. Many Boomboxers can hibernate durring the Hurricane. When Boomboxers hibernate, Boomboxer's Skin will turn Blue.

Boomboxer family
Normal Boomboxers

Boomboxer | Beepboxer | Blastboxer | Dark Boomboxer[1]

Infected Boomboxers Infected BoomboxerInfected Beepboxer | Infected Blastboxer |Infected Dark Boomboxer
Hybrid/Crossbreed Boomboxer
Martian Life Martian Boomboxer